This is by far my favorite. Even though I asked Steve for 30 minutes to just talk about cars, I managed to steal another 40 minutes to talk about entrepreneurship. For someone who has always been an entrepreneur from age 5. He obviously has alot I could learn from. He also share a story about how he met his wife. This is part 2 of episode #27 which you can listen or download here

Steve is a serial entrepreneur since the age of 5. He is the CEO of his own company, they help people to do good with their own money. To this day, they manage a few billion dollars.

So this Podcast is a continuation of the first part with Steve Distante. Below is a summary of a few things we talked about.

-His first business.
-Why and how you should hire people to help you.
-How helpful are entrepreneurial meetups or groups.
-Finding mentors or personal advisory board.
-His work/life balance.
-His business philosophies.
-His system for making decisions
-His daily practice(meditation).
-How he deals with negativity / nay sayers.

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