I am the CEO, or as I like to say, Chief Entrepreneurial Officer, of Vanderbilt Financial Group, which was founded in 1965. As the leader of Vanderbilt, I serve the advisors and clients by responsibly managing the firm and by instilling a culture of compliance, kindness, and helpfulness. My most impactful purpose is to ensure that all facets of the company are working effectively and efficiently while always looking for the next, smarter, and better way to do things. I keep constant focus on the big picture by working on the business, not in the business. I also hold the Vanderbilt Management Team accountable for preserving the vision and goals of the firm to ensure its success and longevity. A key ideal held among the Management Team is being in alignment – I always say, “we all have our oars in the water and rowing the same way!”

My firm, Vanderbilt Financial Group, is known as the Sustainable Broker-Dealer & RIA with a commitment to environmental & social sustainability through Impact Investments. I’m passionate about what we do, embracing the new millennium & preparing for the future by being responsible, purposeful, & impactful.

(All behind read more link to either a feature or Linkedin) I especially enjoy working everyday at the firm with my beautiful wife, Heidi, Vanderbilt’s Chief of Staff. I serve on a number of community boards sharing my passion for service, business, and clarity in numbers. I am proud to be one of the Co-founders of the Long Island Catholic Men’s Ministry and was recognized as the 2015 INN (Interfaith Nutrition Network) ambassador along with Heidi for our service of spreading awareness for the hungry and homeless on Long Island. I am also the President of the New York Chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EONY) that is comprised of over 14,000 entrepreneurs worldwide. I have dedicated my presidency to serve as a platform for Impact Entrepreneurship.

I’m also the founder of an amazing culture; our values bring experiences that previously didn’t exist in this industry. My firm was originally formed in 1965 by 2 brothers to help manage their family’s money & in 2001 I acquired the firm and renamed it Vanderbilt Securities. We are constantly learning & applying new ways of doing things. Whether it’s learning a new program that improves our business, infusing gamification into our workplace, or becoming a sustainable & green broker-dealer, we’re passionate about being a modern pioneer and different kind of broker-dealer.

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