Though they’ve been in business since 1965, Vanderbilt Financial Group has evolved throughout the decades that mark its existence. Lately, they’ve focused on helping the planet as well as their bottom line. That was the impetus behind registering

Seeking a means of aligning his business with his values, Vanderbilt CEO Steve Distante developed an interest in impact investing. Impact investing focuses on investing in companies and funds to generate social and environmental benefits alongside a financial return.

But their commitment to the planet extends beyond an investment in their office building—they work out of the first LEED Platinum certified building on Long Island.

“We believe in doing good through our business, and helping our advisors and their clients to do good with their money,” says Vanderbilt Executive Creative Director Jenny Klaum.

Not only is impact investing good for the environment, but it also enables Vanderbilt to reach new audiences. “The younger generations, specifically Millennials, have been brought up with philanthropy ingrained in them,” Klaum explains. “Many of them have purpose-driven entrepreneurial ventures, or look to create a better world with the money they inherit. We help them to realize those goals.”

It was a natural fit, then, for Vanderbilt to register when the .ECO domain became available this past April.

“We love the .ECO domain because it resonates immediately that our company supports the environment,” says Klaum. “Not only do we love it for helping to paint our picture in the URL, but also because it places us in the .ECO community, a place we feel lucky to be.”

The .ECO domain is an ideal choice not only for businesses like Vanderbilt that are promoting positive change, but also for nonprofits, renewable energy providers, sustainability advocates, and more. As a New Domain, early adopters also have the unique opportunity of getting their first choice of short, relevant domains before the namespace fills up.

Check out the profile and get your own .ECO domain at

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